Melankolia was started in mid-2007 by Mike O’Brien. The concept and goal was formed at this time. The music actually formed and took shape late 2007-2008. My original goal with Melankolia was to try and put feelings to music. I originally started with a very poor setup and poor instruments. The difference between now and then is almost definately the … Continue reading

News at Nine

Reissue of Appalachian Winter’s Ghosts of the Mountains Available 09 March 2020!! Appalachian Winter’s fifth album and first release with NGR will celebrate its seven year anniversary with its the sold out run of 100 copies being reprinted. Now is your chance to revel with us by picking up your copy. If you missed out on the first run, don’t miss … Continue reading

Aphotic Starfield

Starting in the summer of 2012, Aphotic Starfield began as an exploration of sound and a study in the potential for electronic music, combining a myriad of styles like ambient, noise, post-rock, and orchestral. As more albums were produced, direction took form. Now relying mostly on ambience and electronics, Aphotic Starfield’s main thematic elements lie in nostalgia and and delving … Continue reading