Guardian Eagle

HERE COMES THE THUNDER! It echoes across the land, in wait of the moment when ears who love the powerful sound of freedom rise up to hear. Guardian Eagle exists in the creation and worship of powerful music set to inspire all those the world over who crave the sweet feeling of liberation.  Rock and Roll will truly free your … Continue reading

Mors Omnibus

Started in October of 2013, this dark noir project was founded on the urge to create music of a hypnotic and magical substance. While it may come off as goth \ avant garde \ electronic to some,  founder and sole composer Daniel Ryan says, “I see it more as a dark themed project with a symphonic/orchestral feel to it. It … Continue reading

Aphotic Starfield

Starting in the summer of 2012, Aphotic Starfield began as an exploration of sound and a study in the potential for electronic music, combining a myriad of styles like ambient, noise, post-rock, and orchestral. As more albums were produced, direction took form. Now relying mostly on ambience and electronics, Aphotic Starfield’s main thematic elements lie in nostalgia and and delving … Continue reading

Appalachian Winter

From the western part of Pennsylvania, Appalachian Winter exists in witness to the mountains and to tell the many dimensions of their story to those who wish to hear. “Is this not the cruel mockery of Fate…that the hunter becomes the hunted, and the hunted becomes but a distant memory…?” – AW Reviews Ghosts of the Mountains review by Sorrow Eternal … Continue reading


  Heresiarch is a one-man industrial music project initiated in England and takes influence from diverse sources such as :wumpscut:, Esplendor Geometrico, Steel Hook Prostheses, Noisex, Melek-Tha, Converter, Paranoia Inducta, In Slaughter Natives and Skinny Puppy. It is the intention of Heresiarch to explore the darker aspects of the human condition via the manipulation of sound. Having released the debut … Continue reading


Marc Azrael Hoyland BIOGRAPHY Hoyland is an ethereal ambient, Neo-Classical experimental dark journey into the mind of Marc Azrael Hoyland and was formed in 2006. What with performing in Black Metal bands Ethereal Forest and Heathen Deity, and goth rock bands 13 Candles and The Realm, it was time to explore different and bleaker territory. The original idea was to … Continue reading

Mister S

Mister S sculpts musical textures into shamanic tapestries for the transformation of souls. Deeply rooted in the traditions of medieval melodies and ancient sagas, Mister S uses song and sound to transport the listener to otherworldly realms. Each musical movement is a score composed of spirit for the journey into light and darkness and beyond. Given the chance not only … Continue reading


Nåe is the project of female artist Elenyx from Norway (also member of Combath and Agone) Nåe,which in the old norwegian language means “corpse” or “the dead”, is an experimental project based on mind images and visions. Using elements of black metal, Elenyx creates dark and demonical ambient pieces filled with visions of ghosts and are swirling with sinister dark … Continue reading

Shadow Biosphere

BIO: Shadow Biosphere: hypothetical life-supporting system on Earth, consisting of microorganisms of unique or unusual molecular structure and biochemical properties and representing the possibility that life on Earth originated more than once. The unusual biochemical nature of theoretical shadow biosphere life-forms has led some scientists to describe these forms alternatively as “nonstandard,” or “weird,” life, distinguishing them from the known, … Continue reading