Mister S


Mister S sculpts musical textures into shamanic tapestries for the transformation of souls.
Deeply rooted in the traditions of medieval melodies and ancient sagas, Mister S uses song and sound
to transport the listener to otherworldly realms. Each musical movement is a score composed of spirit
for the journey into light and darkness and beyond.

Given the chance not only to listen to Mister S,
but see him perform live with Name of the Rose,
the listener will be blessed with a depth of music that comes across as imperative
–demanding to be heard and completely within its right to exist.
His music is true art in both performance and sound,
from the pensive atmosphere to the boiling, exultant percussion.
Mister S is a true musical shaman and healer;
capable of giving strength and courage to any listeners
willing to allow his music to weave its spell upon their souls.

– Daniel Klyne of Appalachian Winter

This is the most wonderful ritual music, strong powerful and melodious. Very good for invocations and trance!  – Freya Aswynn


Mister S on Nine Gates Records’ Bandcamp




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