Nåe is the project of female artist Elenyx from Norway (also member of
Combath and Agone) Nåe,which in the old norwegian language means
“corpse” or “the dead”, is an experimental project based on mind images
and visions. Using elements of black metal, Elenyx creates dark and
demonical ambient pieces filled with visions of ghosts and are
swirling with sinister dark tales. The first album “Naaedroem” will be
released shortly. Session members “Naaedroem” : Svartalv/S.A Destroyer
(Nocturnal Breed, 1349, Combath, x-Satyricon + +) and Pr.Sergiy (Moloch)
The work on the second album “Heksevind” are in progress, this will be
a nordic alliance between Elenyx/Nåe, Hugin/Blodarv and IT/Abruptum.
“Heksevind”,which will be recorded both at Blodarv’s HammerArt and
Studios on the Danish island of Bornholm and at Elenyx’s own recording
facilities in Oslo, takes as its theme occultism and witchcraft,and the
summoning of the dark magic that lives inside some of us.



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