Melankolia was started in mid-2007 by Mike O’Brien. The concept and goal was formed at this time. The music actually formed and took shape late 2007-2008. My original goal with Melankolia was to try and put feelings to music. I originally started with a very poor setup and poor instruments. The difference between now and then is almost definately the … Continue reading

News at Nine

Reissue of Appalachian Winter’s Ghosts of the Mountains Available 09 March 2020!! Appalachian Winter’s fifth album and first release with NGR will celebrate its seven year anniversary with its the sold out run of 100 copies being reprinted. Now is your chance to revel with us by picking up your copy. If you missed out on the first run, don’t miss … Continue reading

Appalachian Winter “Ghosts of the Mountains”

No words can describe the majesty and glory of the Appalachian Mountains. Music can, however, especially when that music is composed by D.G. Klyne and Appalachian Winter. Full blown wonder is released in this, the artist’s 5th studio album to date! An immense and gratifying listen from start to finish. $9.00 + shipping (calculated at checkout)

Appalachian Winter

From the western part of Pennsylvania, Appalachian Winter exists in witness to the mountains and to tell the many dimensions of their story to those who wish to hear. “Is this not the cruel mockery of Fate…that the hunter becomes the hunted, and the hunted becomes but a distant memory…?” – AW Reviews Ghosts of the Mountains review by Sorrow Eternal … Continue reading